Recruiting for Semine

Veksthuset Personal AS signs a framework agreement with the AI company Semine.

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Greenhouse Staff AS has entered into a recruitment agreement with Semine AS. The agreement includes recruitment to various IT positions, as well as various leading functions. 

Semine is an AI platform that automates accounting using artificial intelligence. The company is one of the fastest growing startups in the Nordic region, and one of the finalists for this year Nordic Startup Awards in the category of best AI startup. The company's development center is located in Kristiansand, while their delivery center is in Oslo.


Sigmund Høye
Sigmund S. Høye. Photo: CoreCom

- We have built up specialist expertise in IT recruitment, which is much of the background for this agreement. Our expertise in IT recruitment combined with our solid experience with recruitment processes in heavier positions, makes me feel confident that our agreement with Semine will be a value-creating collaboration, says general manager of Veksthuset Personal AS, Sigmund S. Høye.


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Veksthuset Personal is already in the process of recruiting exciting positions for Semine. See all our vacant IT positions here.

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