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Gry Matsen

Senior advisor Elverum

+47 95 05 57 84

I have worked in the staffing industry since 2007, and have been employed by Veksthuset Personal since 2015. As a person, I am solution-oriented, committed and in a good mood. I thrive in a hectic workday and take all challenges head on.

I am happy to solve these challenges:

I work with staffing, recruitment in all industries. As well as our new focus area, which is employee surveys / interviews, and HR support.


I have worked with staff and staff since 2008, and before that I have experience in sales and service. I work with all types of industries. Some of the customers are;

Veidekke Industri, Ringsaker Industriservice, Oops! Design, Marthinsen & Duvholt, Bakehuset Heba, Grilstad, Ragn-Sells, Gjermundshaug Facilities

I thrive best when:

I thrive when there is a high pace, with many different tasks to be solved.

The fact that we have a mix of staffing that must be solved quickly and recruitment assignments that are a longer process. Good colleagues who have a high level of commitment to the work we do, good and long customer relationships, as well as happy and satisfied employees, are what make me passionate about my job.

Geir Bjerke Myreng

Senior Advisor - Elverum / Partner

+47 91 84 46 55

Employed at Veksthuset since 2006, been in the industry since 2000. As a person, I am efficient, calm and structured. I have a good mood and am easy to work with.

I am happy to solve these challenges:

Everything in recruitment, staffing and HR


I have worked in sales, consulting, recruitment and personnel management since 1996. I work for most industries. Has especially worked a lot with engineers, architects and management positions as well as construction, industry and IT. I have over 20 years of experience from the industry. Some of the customers I work with are Amundrud VVS AS, YC rør AS, Martin M.Bakken AS, Arealtek AS, Duett AS, Hallås AS, Moelven AS, AS Jømna Brug, Svevia Norge AS and Meca. So I work with a relatively wide range of industries.

I thrive best when:

I thrive best when I solve challenges for my customers, and we have a good collaboration. I work best with pleasant colleagues, partners and customers. I always put in a good mood and a positive attitude.

Randi Stensby

Senior Advisor Hamar

+47 91 74 83 06

I have been employed by Veksthuset Personal AS since the summer of 2015 with Hamar as my office location. With customers and employees spread all over the Inland, everyday life becomes both varied and rich in content.

I am happy to solve these challenges:

I started in the staffing and recruitment industry in April 1999 and have since then developed and maintained many and good relationships with many companies, partners and other contacts in, among other things, Innlandet. 11 years of management experience with responsibility for personnel, sales, budget and results. Experience from staffing as well as downsizing of own, former departments.


With a long career and experience, I have gained knowledge for different types of industries and job categories. I am certified for the use of test tools for personality and ability tests. Experience also from tender writing and contract management with larger groups and municipalities as well as counties. "Clean-up job" in the form of companies / departments that need a new start has, from experience, been inspiring and interesting to initiate and also lead.

I have had the pleasure of working with clients over time; small and large. To name a few customers I have had or collaborated with, I can mention Moelven Byggmodul, R3 Entreprenør, Nortransport AS, Mattilsynet, Scanpole, Mjøsgrønt, Strand Unikorn, Orkla, Bruynzeel Storage Systems AS, Ragn-Sells AS, Hedmark Trafikk, Veidekke , Envirom

I thrive best when:

Well-being is definitely best when it boils and "everything" has to be solved at once. Seeing colleagues / employees succeed with something they themselves have worked on and is always fun!

I have a very high stress threshold and work capacity, work in a structured and goal-oriented way. I am able to see solutions and opportunities so that the result can be the best possible. I really appreciate good mood, ceiling height and inclusion

Tobias Skinnarmo Forsth

Sourcing / Backoffice - Elverum

+47 47 64 46 98

Knut Nyhagen

Senior advisor Gudbrandsdalen

+47 91 88 42 77

I am casual, hardworking, positive and cheerful, and like to engage with people. Concerned about solving challenges for customers, as well as ensuring that our own permanent employees feel taken care of and that they constitute a value.

I am happy to solve these challenges:

Assists with the entire process of recruitment. Consulting and HR services. Also hires out personnel (permanent staff with us) to several industries, especially in facilities, which we have extensive experience with after renting for many years, from small facilities to the largest road facilities in almost the entire country.


12 years of experience with recruitment and staffing in the Greenhouse

Long experience in sales and management with personnel responsibilities. Formerly own company in sales, in addition to a franchise business. Has a past with i.a. IF Forsikring, the Norwegian Patent Office, Telenor and Eniro. Some of my customers now are: many local customers in Gudbrandsdalen in addition to major players such as AF Gruppen, Veidekke, Fron bygg, Aco Anlegg, Tine, Bertelsen & Garpestad, PEAB and others.

I thrive best when:

By solving challenging recruitments and staffing and creating good satisfaction with both customer and candidate by adding added value.

Thrives well when there is so much to do that it boils a little.

And not to forget; vacation trips in the United States

Anniken Stensby


+47 95 44 33 22

I work as a back office at the Greenhouse department in Hamar. As Pippi said - "I've never tried that before, so I can definitely do it" and take challenges head on. I adapt and assist with what I can. I am a creative, accommodating, cheerful and committed person.

I am happy to solve these challenges:

I take on the challenges that may come and try to see opportunities instead of problems.


I have extensive experience in kindergarten where I have worked for over 6 years. At the same time, I have experience in logistics, as I have worked at Norway Post at the same time as schooling. Grocery stores and other stores are also something I am familiar with, as well as washing offices.

I have a lot of experience when it comes to being in touch with people and assisting with their challenges, questions and or seeing their needs.

I thrive best when:

I thrive best when there is a lot to do, when there are opportunities to try something new and when I can meet people and contribute where I can.


Amalie Estelle Valdes


+47 46 70 77 20

You will find out soon….

Sølve Hogner Aarflot

Senior Advisor / Partner

+47 93 80 89 85

I am a Senior Advisor / Partner in Veksthuset and have worked here since 2006. I am certified for the use of test tools for Aon's personality and ability tests. As a person, I am committed and positive. I want to say I am a good humanist. Before I started in Veksthuset, I ran my own companies. Has a degree in economics from BI and has a good business understanding.

I am happy to solve these challenges:

Thrives on working to find qualified candidates in a number of subject areas. But has had a lot of focus in finance, accounting and construction.


I have over 15 years of experience with recruitment and staffing in agencies. Has been involved in hundreds of recruitment / staffing processes. As of today, I work with companies such as Elkjøp, Optimera, PonPower, TheVIT, Olavsgaard Eiendom, Randi Regnskap and Amedia. I also have experience from running my own companies, with personnel management, development, etc. Varied background combined with long industry experience means that I have a good business understanding and high competence in finding the right candidate for the right place

I thrive best when:

I thrive in a hectic environment. Likes that there are many tasks and an environment where everyone works together to find the best solutions for both customers and candidates.

Espen Hedley Nilsen

Consultant Sourcing IT & Engineering

+47 96 85 37 70

I work with public tenders and work with matching IT consultants with the right projects. As a person, I am a food-loving and informal person. I have previously been in many exciting and interesting projects through an active career.

I am happy to solve these challenges:

The assignments I receive always have a comprehensive requirements specification and my challenge is to find the right consultant for each individual assignment. I have worked with the field of tenders for the past 2 years, and also have a long career in software companies, development and project management. This gives me an advantage and helps me to quickly identify the need for the customer and begin the search for the right resource.


I work with clients in the health sector and public administration. For example, I have provided IT consultants to Statnett, the National Institute of Public Health, the Norwegian Health Network and the Norwegian Directorate for Digitalisation. 

My special competence is to match the right consultants to the right assignments. The customers have extensive requirements specifications and my job is to find exactly the resource that has the expertise the customer demands.

I thrive best when:

My work is varied and I thrive extra well in the work that includes the dialogue with consultant and customer. The highlight of a project is when both the consultant and the client feel that it is a perfect match.

Maria Amundsen

Back office

+47 41 56 02 40

I am a committed, curious and accommodating person. I have a great interest in working with people to solve challenges and problems related to HR.

At the same time, I am interested in continuously learning and developing in the field.  

I am happy to solve these challenges:  

I take challenges head on and am happy to assist in HR related areas.

But I am concerned with seeing opportunities rather than obstacles and helping where I can.   


I study organizational psychology, HR and management at BI Norwegian Business School. At the same time, I have worked with simple accounting with responsibility for small and medium-sized customers.

I assist with advice as well as communication and am concerned with putting customers and their needs first.   I have knowledge in work psychology, recruitment, marketing and management.      

I thrive best when:  

I thrive best when I have the opportunity to learn, at the same time as I thrive with good colleagues and a hectic workday as a development arena.   

On / Offshore

ansatt ved veksthuset trondheim

Cathrine Røed

Project coordinator

+47 93 48 74 04

Most of the time I work back office in Veksthuset's offshore department in Trondheim, but also have other administrative tasks for other departments. I am a typical practitioner, concerned that things should be in order, and work hard to make sure that our employees are well and that things work as they should.

I am happy to solve these challenges:

All personnel-related tasks.


I have extensive experience in sales / service and the construction industry. HR, payroll, finance, HSE, and been involved in most things in administration. Started in Veksthuset staff in 2019. Has experience with recruitment, staffing and coordination of travel / stay in connection. with a job.

I thrive best when:

Thrives best when I solve tasks that improve the everyday lives of our employees and my colleagues.


kim ansatt ved veksthuset

Kim Heggelund

Senior Advisor ON / Offshore

+47 41 46 30 09

Worked in the oil and gas business for almost over 20 years. As the person responsible for Vektshuset's on / offshore investment, there are incredibly exciting work tasks. I have helped build several companies in the industry and have been a founder in several of them. Has good and versatile experience in the industry.

I am happy to solve these challenges:

Works in most disciplines and delivers good and reliable services to the market. Solves most tasks and always puts the customer first and not least their needs.


As mentioned, I have over 20 years of experience in oil and gas.

I started in oil and gas as a mechanic and crane technician to start my first business in 2007 and have built several companies after this. I am therefore well involved in building up the offshore investment of Veksthuset personal AS.

Most of the companies I have worked for are large heavy companies in the market today and have several of these as customers for the delivery of personnel, among other things. I have long and good experience and have worked with customers such as Equanor, Aibel, Linjebygg and BP among others

I thrive best when:

I thrive best when I help build something stable both internally and externally among our customers. I think it is very exciting with the sales work towards new customers and not least ready and help new and existing customers with their needs


Victoria Bache

Chief Financial Officer and Quality Manager

+47 91 30 66 33

I am the one with the greatest interest in forms, in Veksthuset Personal. I like to get things in order and that everything is in the right place. I thrive best with good colleagues and good people around me.

I am happy to solve these challenges:

With increasing digitalisation of our everyday lives, I mean that it is the people who will remain, at the center. Speaking fluent NAV and solving a salary challenge is therefore one of the most interesting issues.


I have worked with finance and accounting since 1997. I have a degree in auditing. You also have to interact with the world out there. I have therefore taken additional training in marketing, management, tax law, work psychology and (currently) employment law. Having a job where I get the opportunity to learn more is perfect for me. Building experience is an ongoing process. Opportunity for this process, I fortunately get at Veksthuset Personal.

I thrive best when:

I get to challenge my brain, at the same time as I can work with nice colleagues.


Sigmund Høye


+47 91 84 29 26

I am concerned that people should thrive at work, and be seen and heard. I am analytical as a person and make thorough assessments before I make decisions. My focus is on efficiency and development combined with tidiness and structure. Very fond of, and concerned with, making people successful - together.

I am happy to solve these challenges:  

Passionate about work in strategy, personnel and management. Likes to be a sparring partner in HR and recruitment, as well as strategy and business development.


I have worked as a consultant in Veksthuset Personal since 2007 and became general manager in 2021.

I have a degree in economics and management, and have a few years of experience as a controller before I started at Veksthuset Personal. I have a background as a handball player at an elite level, as well as several years on the board of Elverum Handball Men; both as a marketing manager and sports manager.

My experience is mainly linked to personnel and management, as well as a solid business understanding in many different industries. Also has expertise and great interest in strategy and marketing. In recent years as a consultant, I worked i.a. with companies such as Veidekke, Gjermundshaug, Curida, Pelias, Martin M Bakken.

I thrive best when:  

We develop together. Triggered by working with improvement and strategic opportunities, combined with everyone being involved and moving in the same direction.


Christian Amundsen

Christian Amundsen

Business developer

+47 91 30 16 08

I am the founder of Veksthuset staff, which I started in 2000. As a person, I am committed, positive and optimistic. Look at challenges as opportunities. Everyone involved with me knows that I often have a good mood and thrive on a casual tone.

I am happy to solve these challenges:

Development, new establishments within business areas, finance and accounting. I have 30 years of experience in personnel and management.


I have broad expertise in sales and management, after 30 years of experience I have a large network within several different industries. After being employed as sales manager at Telenor Media and a couple of other companies, I started Veksthuset. Has over the years co-founded several companies and has employed over 500 people. Sits and has served on several board positions. My expertise is in sales and networking. I also bring people in the right direction so that things happen. Some of the customers I work with and have worked with are, Optimera, Elkjøp, Søderberg & Partners, Intellitech, Semine, Telio and Norian Regnskap AS are some of the customers I have worked with within staffing and recruitment.

I thrive best when:

When there is a lot to do! Loves challenging and complex tasks. At the same time, I like to see my colleagues deliver and thrive.

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Where's your business tomorrow? In a year? In three years?

Our specialized senior advisors are ready to strengthen your value creation through our HR services.