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This page has been created with the intention of making it easy to deliver a notice at Veksthuset Personal AS.

The purpose of having a separate page for reporting is to create a low threshold for speaking up and reporting, so that we can take measures to solve any problems and create a safer and more ethical working environment for everyone.

In the form on this page, you can easily and anonymously report whether you have experienced unethical or illegal behavior in the workplace.

You can find our complete notification routine in our HSE handbook, which was sent to you in the welcome letter.


The right to notify about objectionable conditions in the business is regulated in The Working Environment Act, Chapter 2 A. All employees and hired workers who have reason to believe that there are objectionable conditions in the business are encouraged to report this. This routine does not limit the right to notification.

Who has the right to notify

All employees and contractors can report objectionable conditions.

Right to report objectionable conditions:

The right to notify applies to "objectionable circumstances in the employer's business". Conditions worthy of criticism are defined in Working Environment Act § 2 A-1 (2) as "conditions that are in conflict with legal rules, written ethical guidelines in the business or ethical norms that are widely accepted in society", for example conditions that may involve (...)"

Duty to notify:

In some cases, the employee has a duty to notify. You have a duty to notify the employer and/or safety representative of harassment, discrimination and conditions that may cause danger to life and health, cf. § 2-3 of the Working Environment Act.

Notification procedure:

A notice should be in writing and contain a factual, objective and concrete presentation of the potentially objectionable relationship.

The following information should be included:
  • What has happened (breach of laws and regulations, breach of ethical norms or internal guidelines)?
  • Where did it happen?
  • When did it happen?
  • What is the scope?
  • Are there witnesses or documentation that can substantiate the information about the objectionable relationship?

In order for Veksthuset Personal AS to be able to process the notice as best as possible, it is an advantage if the notice is presented in writing, preferably with examples and documentation. It is also an advantage that contact details are attached so that Veksthuset Personal AS can contact you if there is a need for more information about the objectionable relationship.

Anonymous notification

It can be reported anonymously. It is still encouraged to identify yourself, as a notification case can be difficult to follow up if notifications are anonymous.

Employer's handling of notification cases:

All notification cases must be reviewed by the management of Veksthuset Personal AS. If a notification is made against someone in the management of Veksthuset Personal AS, the protection representative and adviser must handle the case.

  • All inquiries are taken seriously
  • Notifiers must receive feedback within a reasonable time that the notification has been received with an indication of the further process and expected processing time
  • As a general rule, the person who is notified must be given information about the content of the notification and be given the opportunity to give their version of the case
  • The employer must initiate adequate investigations and ensure that the case is sufficiently well informed before a decision is made
  • The employer must assess whether there is a need to take measures to safeguard the parties involved pending a conclusion in the case
  • Processing of the case must be documented in writing, and a conclusion must be drawn as to whether objectionable conditions have taken place
  • The parties must be informed as soon as possible of the outcome of the case
  • The employer must take measures if objectionable conditions have taken place to the extent that this is appropriate

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