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From offices in Oslo, Inland and Central Norway, we deliver efficient HR services for companies of all sizes across the country.

Customer-oriented approach

The greenhouse's advantage is our customer orientation. We are flexible and solution-oriented and able to create dynamic processes that ensure efficiency.

We believe in strong relationships and we have had many of our customers over several years. The better we know your business, the better job we do for you!

We are motivated by solving challenges and creating positive experiences for our customers and the employees we provide. Combined with our elaborate methodology, integrity and solid business understanding, we experience that our customers see our services as value-creating

about us

Veksthuset Personal AS

Veksthuset Personal is a staff company with broad expertise. Our specialized senior advisors work to strengthen your value creation through our HR services, while we help to ensure a meaningful working day for people.

Effective specialists for your needs

Our advisers have solid experience from delivery to various industries and positions. Our experience makes us safe advisors, as we have extensive knowledge of how to connects the company's expectations with the employee's competence. An important part of our value chain is our digital systems, which contribute to efficient and well-documented processes. Our advertising systems are innovative and accurate - to your advantage.

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Our values

Our values as a company are an important part of our identity - of our foundation. These are:

  • Human-oriented
  • Effective
  • Reliable
  • Innovative

Our most important value is that we are human-oriented. This means that we have the human being in focus and are concerned with relationships and trust.

We are effective. Our expertise enables us to create dynamic processes that ensure efficiency.

We are reliable. The combination of our documented processes, our integrity and our quality systems make us safe advisors. Among other things, we have the quality stamp Revised employer via NHO Service.

We are innovative. We develop continuously - in line with customer needs.

Our customers

Our candidates have been employed in a number of different industries and roles in sales, production, construction, finance and accounting, IT and management.