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We know that flexibility and adaptations to market needs are important for any business. Being able to adapt available work capacity effectively provides increased security and predictability for solving the company's tasks.

What is Staffing?

Staffing means that you have a temporary need for labour, such as to a temporary job, project, or seasonal fluctuations. We at Veksthuset Personal will have full employer responsibility and your business will pay for the hours worked by the hired employee.

Staffing agency

We at Veksthuset Personal act as your staffing agency, with extensive experience and a large network. This means that we effectively map your needs and offer the right workforce. We are used to organizing what is necessary for the employee within most industries, so that you receive minimal administration and can focus on your own core business.

We offer qualified labor in a number of areas - all over the country.

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Temporary employment

If you choose us as your partner, we work actively to sell your company to relevant candidates and ensure professionalism in the process from a to z.

Crew Oslo

Crew Trondheim

Crew Hamar

Simple administration

We use Recruitment Manager, which is a complete, Norwegian-developed IT system for the recruitment and staffing industry. The system provides easier administration for you as a customer with e.g. electronic timekeeping, time approval and own customer portal with a simple overview of employees, hours and costs.

Safe: We are an approved staffing company in Norway

Approved subcontractor
Revised Employer via NHO
Tariff company in the Swedish Workers' Confederation
Approved subcontractor within oil and gas

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staffing partner

That is why you choose the Greenhouse

We know that managing employees costs time and money. But all companies need both the right employees and enough labor - something that can often go up and down according to the season and the number of assignments.

With Veksthuset as a partner, you can focus on your core business, while we take care of it in a professional way;