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An important task for a business leader is to hire the right people with the right background and motivation to become a resource in the company. A successful hiring must be in line with the company's both current and future needs, and the overall strategy must be reflected in the choice of who you hire.

A proper employment can help give your business a competitive edge, while a wrong employment can prove to be detrimental to the work environment and end up being a costly affair. The importance of meeting with the employment means that many companies choose a professional partner for recruitment.

Recruitment consultant

Ours recruitment consultants has long experience and good business understanding. This means that we see your business from the outside and can come up with new approaches and solutions. 

Leadership positions

Management positions are a recruitment task that requires an extra good understanding of the business read more about recruiting for management positions here

If you choose us as your recruitment agency, we work actively to sell your company to relevant candidates and ensure professionalism in the process from a to z.

A professional recruitment agency

A successful employment can help increase the company's competitive advantage. A recruitment process must ensure that the employment is in line with the client's current and future needs.

You get a sparring partner who helps to see new angles and solutions, which increases the probability of finding the right candidates and achieving a successful employment.

The recruitment process

Requirements specification

A fundamental part of a successful recruitment process is preparation. We thoroughly understand the client's needs and expectations. We gather information about the company, its role, corporate culture, and strategic challenges in the industry.


Professional advertising

Based on the requirements specification, we design a job advertisement with the goal of meeting relevant candidates. We give you advice on which advertising package is best suited to your needs. The common denominator is that advertising is targeted at specific target groups based on requirements specification. 



Active search and efficient application handling

Combining targeted advertising with active search has a significantly greater effect. An active search can involve both active search in databases and networks, as well as headhunting of specific candidates. We are used to being efficient, professional and discreet in the search process.
We use LinkedIn Recruiter Professional - professional version of search, dialogue and handling of LinkedIn users. 


Interview and references

After initial interviews, Veksthuset Personal conducts in-depth interviews with the candidates. We focus on the combination of competence and personal suitability assessed against the requirements specification. Furthermore, we examine references on selected candidates. 


Candidate presentation

In consultation with the client, the candidates are screened down to selected final candidates. The client receives a separate report on each candidate in advance of a physical meeting, or video meeting. In selected processes, the candidates present their solution to a predefined case in a meeting with the client. 


Quality assurance

We are certified in the test tools of Aon Assessment (formerly C-out) and Neo-Pi-R. We can carry out both personality and ability tests. 
We also offer credit check, police certificate etc upon request.


Final selection and employment

The client is responsible for the final selection with our advisor as an active sparring partner in the process. We assist in drafting an employment agreement upon request. 

ledere ler

recruitment agency

Leadership positions

Leadership is important, regardless of company and leadership level. It is a demanding process of hiring, and a wrong hiring costs both time and money.

Our recruitment consultants have extensive experience and a broad business understanding. This means that we are able to familiarize ourselves with your company's strategic situation and can come up with new approaches and solutions. Clarification of expectations is critical for successful recruitment. In clarifying expectations, many elements go beyond the company's requirements for competence and personality for an ideal applicant. Other important clarifications are:

We are your comprehensive recruitment consultant. We have extensive experience in how a company should profile a position in the market and how it is presented in various digital channels. A recruitment process includes the design of an advertisement, which is approved by the customer, selection of a candidate, interviews, reference checks and testing if this is desired. We can also assist with employment agreements when hiring. Through our digital channels and our own networks, we have the opportunity to reach candidates who might not otherwise respond to an ordinary job advertisement.

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