If you choose us as your partner, we work actively to sell your company to relevant candidates and ensure professionalism in the process from a to z.

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An important task for a business leader is to hire the right people with the right background and motivation to become a resource in the company. A successful hiring must be in line with the company's both current and future needs, and the overall strategy must be reflected in the choice of who you hire.

A proper employment can help give your business a competitive edge, while a wrong employment can prove to be detrimental to the work environment and end up being a costly affair. The importance of meeting with the employment means that many companies choose a professional partner for recruitment.

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Ours recruitment consultants has long experience and good business understanding. This means that we see your business from the outside and can come up with new approaches and solutions. 

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We know that managing employees costs time and money. But all companies need both the right employees and enough labor - something that can often go up and down according to the season and the number of assignments.

With Veksthuset as a partner, you can focus on your core business, while we take care of it in a professional way;