Oops! Design & Interior

Oops! Design is an interior and architectural firm that offers its own design concepts for private homes, holiday properties and commercial buildings.

National Institute of Public Health

The National Institute of Public Health (NIPH) is a state administrative body under the Ministry of Health and Care Services.

Digitization Directorate

The Directorate for Digitization will be the government's foremost tool for faster and more coordinated digitization of society


Veidekke is one of Scandinavia's largest contractors, with 8,100 employees. The company performs all types of building and construction assignments.

Elverum Accounting

For Elverum accounting, we have recruited for several positions, and performed services within strategic HR.

Svevia Norway

We have provided resources according to the demand for labor; some direct recruitment and some on hiring on projects and in season.

Aco Anlegg

Our mission has been to assist with staffing of machine operators, groundworkers and drivers as needed.

Fron barley

The greenhouse staffs carpenters both for project and season. We have also recruited carpenters and concrete workers as needed.

Bakehuset Heba

The greenhouse has assisted with staffing in short and long assignments. Some of our candidates have gotten permanent jobs at Heba

Molven Building Module

Our delivery has mainly consisted of production carpenters, building cleaning and truck drivers.

R3 Contractor

The customer relationship between Veksthuset Personal and R3 Entreprenør began a few years ago, and has mainly consisted of staffing.

Nortransport as

The need at Nortransport AS has been both in recruitment and staffing.

RingAlm AS dept. Nordkisa

Due to a sharp increase in activity and production, RingAlmAS has had an increased need for employment.


The collaboration between Veksthuset and Arealtek has lasted ever since the start-up of the company and is characterized by close dialogue.

Ringsaker Industriservice as

Ringsaker Industriservice AS has used Veksthuset Personnel to recruit various positions for the company.

The greenhouse's exclusive


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