The Openness Act and Veksthuset Personal AS

The Openness Act must ensure that businesses in Norway respect, and inform about, the handling of negative conditions associated with human rights and working conditions in the production of goods and services.

Veksthuset Personal AS wants to contribute positively to promoting respect for human rights and workers' rights. We therefore choose to work with responsible suppliers and partners.

It is expected that suppliers and partners pass this on to their subcontractors and contribute to their and their own compliance.

Suppliers and collaboration partners must keep informed of and follow the requirements in law, regulations, industry practice or other public orders that apply to the supplier's/collaboration partner's operations and areas of responsibility. Suppliers and partners must ensure that they have the necessary permits and licenses to carry out their activities.

Risk assessment:

Risk to our workforce

Veksthuset Personal AS is a company that only operates with staffing and recruitment within Norway. In Norway, there are a number of laws and regulations that safeguard the employees' rights, see e.g

As a staffing company, we are obliged to follow the principle of equal treatment. This gives the hired party the right to (at least) as good conditions as the person concerned would have had as a direct employee. arbeidskraft/artikler/veileder-likebehandlingsprinsippet/

We believe that Norwegian legislation, Norwegian regulations and Norwegian courts largely uphold the goal of minimizing conditions that are in conflict with human rights.

We further believe that the greatest risk for the employees of Veksthuset Personal AS is for those workers who come to Norway from countries with less regulated working life. This applies in particular to the offshore department.

In the offshore department, there is extensive use of workers from Poland. These are subject to strict ID checks on arrival, so we know it's the right person in the right place. They also have skills that are in demand. The overwhelming majority of these workers are men. Men with skills are statistically less likely to be victims of human trafficking

We do not use subcontractors from other countries, but employ all our workers directly.

We actively encourage our employees in the offshore department to join a trade union and are also helpful with this. This registration will give the employees the right to, for example, free use of a lawyer, should any work situations arise that they are not comfortable with.

Conclusion: An overall assessment indicates that there is a low risk for our workforce.

Possible measures to introduce:
1. A separate employee survey, which can reveal whether our employees experience objectionable conditions in terms of human rights.

2. Post information on our websites, both in Norwegian and English. A link to this can then be included in the welcome letter, so that all employees see our work with and relationship with human rights and the Openness Act.

Risk regarding our suppliers

Our suppliers come almost exclusively from Norway, and must follow Norwegian legislation.

To ensure that all our suppliers are aware of our commitment to the Openness Act and human rights, all our suppliers will be sent an email with the text under the heading "Openness Act and Veksthuset Personal AS".

We will review and assess separately the suppliers we have who are domiciled in countries other than Norway. Examples include the international LinkedIN and the system supplier Kattis, from Sweden.

Our 10 largest suppliers (based on gross costs for the last 6 months) will be followed up in particular.

Furthermore, we will carry out a selection of our smaller suppliers and assess them for risk. Conclusion: An overall assessment indicates that there is a low risk with our suppliers

Possible measures to introduce: Send out a questionnaire that deals with the supplier's own relations with the Transparency Act, human rights and ethical matters.

  • Our guidelines will be taken up for consideration by the management team, and updated annually. This ensures anchoring from the top in the organisation.

  • These guidelines will then be reviewed at a staff meeting once a year, to ensure that all employees are up to date.

  • If objectionable conditions are uncovered, the quality manager must be informed: Mobile: 91 30 66 33 or email:

  • Otherwise, see procedure and required information in our notification routine, in the HSE manual.

  • The quality manager must, in consultation with the safety representative and the general manager, assess the conditions and establish a dialogue with the supplier / partner, if critical conditions have been uncovered.

  • In the event of particularly serious incidents, consideration must be given to reporting the matter to the authorities.

  • If it is possible, we want to make arrangements to help our suppliers and partners to come up to the standard we require for further cooperation.

Veksthuset Personal AS' principles are:
  • Workplace crime, social dumping and other forms of modern slave labor are contrary to both the Norwegian Working Environment Act and basic human rights.

  • Veksthuset Personal AS we have zero tolerance for working with companies that use such labour.

  • With the help of internal guidelines and external communication, we want to uncover any breaches of these principles by our suppliers and partners.

  • If it is possible, we want to make arrangements to help our suppliers and partners to come up to the standard we require for further cooperation.

  • Our values are based on an inclusive workplace, which is defined by the qualities of equality and common sense.

    In accordance with Section 6 of the Openness Act, anyone, upon written request, has the right to information from Veksthuset Personal AS about how the business handles actual and potential negative consequences according to Section 4 of the Openness Act.

    If such information is desired, the quality manager can be contacted at

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