Meet our new employee - Tobias Skinnarmo Forsth

We have hired Tobias Skinnarmo Forsth as a new resource for back office / sourcing at our department in Elverum. The employment comes as a result of increased activity over time, and especially within recruitment services.

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The activity at the Elverum office has been high for a long time and the department had a turnover of about 25 million in 2021.

The senior advisers in Elverum, Geir B. Myreng and Gry Matsen, provide services within staffing, recruitment and strategic HR. Tobias will act as a back office in the form of administrative support to Geir and Gry.

The labor market situation indicates that increased efforts are required to obtain candidates for vacancies for our customers. Tobias will therefore also gain special expertise in search and sourcing of candidates in all areas the Elverum department works with.

Tobias is 35 years old and lives in Elverum with a cohabitant and one child. He has previously worked with various administrative tasks; blue. 1 year as a logistics employee, 1 year as an office employee at school, 3.5 years at a customer center. He has a bachelor's degree in marketing from Oslo University College. Tobias is an easy-going and outgoing type, who has already become a positive addition to the environment in Elverum.

Tobias Skinnarmo Forsth

- As a person, I am happy, efficient and hardworking, and rarely say no to a challenge.

I'm really looking forward to being part of the development further and getting to know the team better, at the same time as I get to increase my competence and try my hand in a new arena.

Tobias Skinnarmo Forsth PHOTO: CoreCom

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