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Health and educational professions

Throughout the year, we have substitutes out in kindergartens, some work full time, but others only work on call.

So if you like working with small and large people, in addition to enjoying being active and outdoors a lot, just follow when we have vacancies advertised. In addition, we also have other positions within health and care.


Not all jobs are advertised!

Do you have the skills but can not find the job you want? Not all positions we staff are advertised in the market. Create a profile today so we can get more information about you and connect you with potential employers. 

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3 reasons to choose Veksthuset

Every year, more than 80,000 people work through the staffing industry, over 40 % of which come from unemployment. Almost 20% comes straight from school. Whether you are early in your career or well underway, we can give you many opportunities and benefits you may not have thought of. We have serious and solid clients on our customer list.

Close monitoring

Close follow-up is about having a permanent contact person, and the mutual respect between you.

We want a good relationship with you, and want to help you so that everyday work is as simple as possible. We are available to you when you need it.


We can give you valuable and broad experience. Working for different companies can give you a unique industry experience that is useful further.

Try out job opportunities. If you are not quite sure what you want to do next in your career, we can give you the opportunity to try out different directions, while avoiding gaps in your CV.

Good references

Sometimes it is smart to take on a temporary assignment. This gives you a great advantage if a permanent position appears in the company or in the industry.

You can make contacts that may be worth their weight in gold in the future. Good references and certificates are important for further careers. If you have made a good impression with a client, this can give you an advantage when you apply for the "dream job"