Are you the next Børge Lund?

Elverum Handball in collaboration with Veksthuset Personal wants to find Norway's next Børge Lund. Do you have a young coaching talent in your club who you think should win a dream visit to Elverum Handball?

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Win a dream visit to Norway's strongest handball club

Now, as a young coaching talent, you can win a visit to Elverum Handball's coaching team with Børge Lund and Raymond Hamar.

Here you get an insight into how we work with the club's men's team, tactically, physically, mentally and how everyday life is laid out.

We are looking for young coaches who want to learn from the best and who want to go far with their coaching career.

As a professional partner, Veksthuset Personal AS assists with the recruitment process to find the right candidate, the process includes:

Photo: Magnus Stenseth

Selection of the nominees

  1. Interview and references - In-depth interview where we focus on the combination of competence and personal suitability
  2. Screening of selected final candidates – EHH receives a separate report on each candidate
  3. Quality assurance - Both personality and ability tests are carried out
  4. Final selection – The right candidate receives the offer/prize


Veksthuset Personal AS has as one of our values that we are people-oriented. This means that we focus on people and are concerned with relationships and trust. 

Being active in sports can be a wonderful arena for creating relationships and trust with others, combined with experiencing mastery and interaction with others. 

There are many similarities between what are important qualities to learn for working life. This is the main reason why we are an active partner of various sports clubs.

Elverum handball

Veksthuset Personal AS has been a significant partner for Elverum handball for many years. Norway's best men's handball team has won the play-offs for a number of years and has for several years been the only Norwegian men's club participating in the Champions League. The club has the audience record for indoor sports in Norway with 12,377 spectators in Håkon's hall in Lillehammer. We support both the men's team, a women's team in positive development and a large youth department, which continuously cultivates new talents. The club has also built up a very professional network for partners.

Elverum Handball

Great hammer Hockey

The club has been one of Norway's best clubs for a number of years. The team has become Norwegian champions a number of times and contributes greatly to putting the sports town of Hamar on the map. Our involvement also involves a separate big brother/big sister scheme, where two free tickets are drawn for each match.

Storhamar Hockey

Northern village handball

Nordbygda handball is a handball club in Løten municipality in Innlandet.

The club has a long history and is a great arena for play, mastery and activity for children and young people.

Nordbygda Handball

Elverum Soccer

Elverum football is a large football club with approximately 1,200 members. The club provides children and young people with a great arena for play, mastery and activation.

Elverum Football

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