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Strategic HR management?

In the target group for strategic HR management, we mainly find companies within small and medium-sized companies. Often those without their own HR department who can support the general manager. The personnel / HR management therefore becomes one of the general manager's tasks in an already hectic working day.

We offer to be the general manager's extended arm in personnel / HR management. We help to create covariation between strategic goals and the employees' focus - hence the name strategic HR management.

HR consulting

With us as a partner in strategic HR management, you have a permanent sparring partner in performance and personnel management.

The process begins with mapping the status of employees' well-being through an employee survey. This reveals whether the organization's perception of status correlates with management's perception. The results help to set the course for management's focus further.

Employee interview

Furthermore, we conduct employee interviews with development goals in line with the company's strategic goals. This has several positive effects. On the one hand, the employees are seen and heard in a new, positive way and they will experience that they receive an additional service beyond what is normal. For the company's side, you get a professional player to give the manager more information and better decision support for further focus.

Performance management

We become your sparring partner in performance management. In addition, the employees' focus on their own development and their own contribution to the company's strategic goals is increased.

Our service includes regular follow-up and conversations defined in an annual cycle. In this way, we ensure continuity and security for both you as a manager and your employees.

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In collaboration with the manager, we contribute to the employees gaining increased focus on the company's vision and strategic goals.

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