Very satisfied customers

The survey among our customers resulted in a confirmation that we provide staffing and recruitment services at a very high level.

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Some facts

Veksthuset Personal AS has had 125 invoiced customers in the period summer 2021 and February 2022. The customer range extends from small local businesses to large national companies.

Our customers is everything from companies that have had a short-term need for labor to permanent partners that we regularly assist with recruitment and or crew.

Through our two largest customers, we have had sales of approximately 6 million each over the past six months. The average turnover per customer has been just under NOK 500,000.

Professional service

Regardless of the size of the customer, we do our utmost to deliver a professional and predictable service, where the obvious goal is for the customer to experience that our service creates value for their business. Both in the form of gaining the competence they need to perform what they are supposed to, and in addition in the form of saving their own time and resources by having a professional partner perform the recruitment and staffing service more efficiently.

The survey was answered by 88 contact persons at the customers.

Staffing service
Also applies to hired substitutes
Recruitment service
Customer relationship
More than 1 year

Recruitment has had a significant increase since the last survey and also in line with our strategy to increase the proportion of recruitment customers.

About Veksthuset as a partner:
Customer service
Advisor's business understanding of your business
Experiences Veksthuset Personal's services as innovative
Would recommend Veksthuset Personal to others

- We focus on being customer-oriented and therefore this winter's customer survey is an important part of our quality work.

The feedback from customers is very useful in our further strategy work and it is gratifying to see that several of the measures we have taken are yielding results.

For example, the proportion of customers who view our services as innovative has increased considerably, and this is probably related to our increased focus on accurate, professional advertising on social media.

We are also pleased with the increase in our recruitment services, which have seen a solid increase in quality over the past six months.

Nearly 40 % of our customers heard about us for the first time via acquaintances or colleagues. This indicates that we have many satisfied customers, who receive the assistance they need to obtain the right expertise.

Sigmund Høye
Sigmund S. Høye, general manager Veksthuset Personal AS PHOTO: CoreCom

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