Very happy employees at work

We have conducted an employee survey for our hired employees in the last six months. The results are very positive and are a confirmation that we are considered a serious and professional employer in staffing.

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The results of the survey indicate that the companies see a value in companies that offer HR services, such as staffing, recruitment and strategic HR, so that the companies can focus further on their own core activity. At the same time, the results show that the labor market needs companies that work to connect employees with potential employers.

Some key figures from the survey

The survey was answered by 97 employees. 60 % of the employees have worked for us for more than 6 months, which helps to give a picture of what it is like to work for us over time.

62 % of those who responded have worked for one permanent client. In other words, the majority of our employees are in stable assignments with one customer, and not in sporadic, short-term assignments.

About Veksthuset as an employer of employees:
How satisfied are you with Veksthuset as an employer? 86%
How satisfied are you with the follow-up from the advisor in the Greenhouse 78%
How reliable is the Greenhouse 87%
Would you recommend Veksthuset as an employer to others? 89%
With the job they have via Veksthuset:
Satisfaction with the work tasks at work 89%
Good physical working environment 93%
Satisfaction with the job in general 92%

- We at Veksthuset Personal AS are very pleased with the positive feedback on our employee survey.

The employees' experience of us as an employer, as well as their satisfaction with both the job and the work environment they have through us, is something that is important to us and to our competitiveness in the market. 

This is also reflected in the fact that 1 in 10 of our employees have contacted us on the recommendation of employees who work for us.

Furthermore, we are pleased that we enjoy great trust in terms of reliability, which is one of our core values.

Sigmund Høye
Sigmund S. Høye, general manager Veksthuset Personal AS PHOTO: CoreCom

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