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Statement from the customer

«We at Elverum accounting are very pleased with the collaboration with Veksthuset staff, and especially the execution of strategic HR. We were initially somewhat skeptical about entering into cooperation in this area, as we felt we left part of the HR work to external parties. Through the process, we quickly learned that the service provided a high benefit for both the employees and management. Time was set aside to carry out the work in a good and orderly manner. In a hectic workday, one rarely has the opportunity to set aside time for and optimize the work structure, but Veksthuset took care of that. We as accountants are happy with data and figures, and by using surveys, we got a scale where one can concretely see the development. We are left with positive experiences and orderly processes. " - Frode Kølner, chairman of the board

about the CUSTOMER

Elverum Accounting

Elverum accounting has prepared accounts, kept salaries, helped with the tax return and made annual settlements since 1978. They have 32 employees in offices in Elverum and Oslo. In addition to accounting, they offer consulting services in finance and accounting.

Good relationships provide efficient accounting

ansatt på veksthuset

Gry Matsen

For Elverum accounting, we have recruited for several positions, and performed services within strategic HR. Here we have helped to create and maintain good relationships and had a very good collaboration, which provides security and value creation.

Veksthuset Personal has recruited authorized accountants, accounting staff and provided strategic HR services for Elverum accounting.

Our delivery

The recruitment work has been focused on acquiring new personnel, which is adapted to modern accounting with web-based solutions, and a greater degree of advice than what the industry has traditionally been used to.

The HR services have been employee surveys and interviews, management sparring and follow-up.

Relationships are the key

The collaboration with Elverum accounting has been very good, with neat processes. We at Veksthuset feel we know the customer well, and therefore can contribute in several stages. Here we can provide input, and meet well with the right candidates. As a result, we have repeated assignments, which testify to a satisfied customer, good access to applicants and good knowledge of what the customer wants and needs.

The HR services have been employee surveys and interviews, management sparring and follow-up.

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