Of our seconded employees, 96 % are satisfied

The autumn employee survey for our outsourced employees shows increased satisfaction with us as a company.

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From January to October 2022, we have had 447 employees hired out to our customers, which gives an increase of 12 % as two months of the year remain.
New for this autumn's survey is that we have had a separate English version for our on/offshore hires, many of whom are English-speaking. This is a contributing factor to the fact that a total of 142 people responded to the survey, while in winter 2022 we received 97 responses.

Scores high on satisfaction
There are two areas that are important, both the work we as an employer do for our temporary employees, and that they enjoy the work they do for our customers. We are proud of the results and confirm that we are doing a lot right for our employees, as we score highly in both areas. Our on/offshore employees score particularly high on satisfaction with the job they have via us (98 % vs 94 % in total for all occupations).

Being recommended by others
Furthermore, we see that close to 4 out of 10 of our employees became aware of us via the website, or social media, which gives a 10 % increase from the last survey. For us, it confirms that our digital investment works, and provides motivation to develop further digitally.
A pleasing finding in the survey is that as many as 50 % of our on/offshore employees have been recommended by others to work for us.

Some key figures from the survey:

Are you satisfied with Veksthuset as an employer? 96%
Are you satisfied with the follow-up from the adviser in the Veksthuset? 88%
Is Veksthuset reliable? 90%
Would you recommend Veksthuset as an employer to others? 96%
With the job they have via Veksthuset:
Satisfaction with the tasks at work? 96%
Good physical working environment? 97%
Satisfaction with the job in general? 96%

- We are grateful that so many of our employees have chosen to answer this autumn's survey. For us, it is important that the employees have the opportunity to give feedback on how we are as an employer, and how they enjoy their job through us. It is also important for us to measure how satisfied they are with the physical working environment at the workplace with regard to HSE. It is particularly pleasing to see that our employees also respond highly to this – 97 % are satisfied.

Sigmund Høye, general manager Veksthuset Personal AS PHOTO: CoreCom

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