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Isabella is "Colleague of the Year"

We have carried out the selection of "Colleague of the Year". A tribute to the colleague who goes the extra mile for his employees.

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The background
The reason for this is that we all have a colleague who goes the extra mile either for individuals or for the working environment as a whole. In collaboration with Elverum Handball, we have therefore held the "Colleague of the Year"

This person is someone who shows extra care and listens to their colleagues in the workplace, or it can be the person who always has extra capacity and assists with work tasks where needed. It could be the "happy salmon" who always greets you with a smile and influences the working environment in a positive sense.

Why is the person important?
At Veksthuset Personal, they always have a strong focus on improving the working environment, creating a flexible working day, increasing well-being in the workplace and reducing turnover. And in this work, colleagues have a very central place.

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Colleague of the Year

The one who can adorn herself with the title "Colleague of the Year" is ISABELLA BILLENGREN. She got a total of 24 % of the votes, and early on got a clear lead which lasted all the way.

Isabella was nominated by Tom and Ingrid Bagaas-Johansen. In the nomination text they write:

"Isabella is the general manager of EuroPadel and spends much of her waking hours in the padel hall. In the nomination text it is stated that sabella has in a short time created an enormous commitment to the sport of Padel in Elverum. With her super-energetic and positive personality, she has created a unique and social meeting point in the hall in Elverum. This is a place where everyone is welcome, regardless of age or physical condition. It is an arena where people gather, play padel at all levels, and not least a place where you choose to pop in just to relax, have a coffee and have a chat. Isabella always has a smile on her face and makes an enormous effort to promote public health in Elverum - both physically and mentally. On this basis, I would like to nominate this hard-working "untypical" Elverumsingen for colleague of the year."

Tom and Ingrid elaborate on the nomination by saying that they see that Isabella puts in an enormous amount of work at EuroPadel, in addition to the fact that she has a personality that makes her see and interact with everyone in a way that helps to create a unique social environment.

Furthermore, they say that Isabella makes the threshold for starting padel very low. Many quickly experience mastery and social belonging in the padel hall in Elverum - completely regardless of physical conditions.


We congratulate Isabella Billengren as the winner of "Colleague of the Year" and she will receive a travel gift card of NOK 10,000.

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